With technological and business requirements that constantly change, the world of organic promotion for businesses is in constant motion. Service providers in this arena must be dynamic, and offer genuine value to their clients.
First is a brand that promises to revolutionize the field and provide a precise and high-quality path for online growth to businesses with e-commerce websites. First offers them organic promotion that keeps evolving and adapting, providing personalized solutions.


Branding, Visual Identity, Logo Design


A new world, a new approach. Get first.

First brings a fresh approach based on technological tools and years of experience in the digital realm and consumer trends to propel their clients’ results forward. This organic movement translates into First being in the first place.
In the identity design, we chose a unique and distinctive color palette, combined with a friendly and direct digital language that illustrates the leap forward that every business experiences when they prioritize First.
First brings personalized success for its customers with a deep understanding of their businesses. Therefore, the visual language emphasizes and envelops the business owners, allowing them to focus on nurturing their business while First takes on the important but time-consuming work from them.