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Fridenson – one of the largest logistics companies in Israel, approached us for a rebranding that would help it reflect its positioning as a large, established company that holds all logistics solutions in-house, yet possesses the flexibility of a young company that adapts to the customer’s needs with a “first of all – yes!” approach. A company that puts people and people’s needs at the center.


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The basic unit of the brand is “YES”, which appears in every possible language on a friendly and rounded graphic element – the Ken-Trainer (a pun in Hebrew that sounds like a “yes”-container) With that graphic element, a never-ending chain of “yeses” is communicated and visually connected to the company’s logo symbol. Fridenson connects the whole world, and it always starts with a “Yes!”

During the rebranding process, we also updated the company’s logo to make it look more contemporary without losing the connection to the old and familiar logo of the group. The letters of the new logo are friendlier and continue the rounded design of the Ken-Trainer – the brand’s communication language. Within this process, we also redesigned the logos of the sub-brands and companies in the group, and we also worked on an employer branding in the brand’s new spirit, which puts people at the center, whether they are customers or employees in the company.

The employer branding focuses on people as the central link in the logistics chain. Without the human element, it would not be possible to maintain a leading group in the logistics field. The use of the word “Yes” is also incorporated into the employer branding with appropriate slogans such as “Yes, we’re recruiting,” “Yes, we’re leading,” and “Yes, we’re exciting.”