About the Client

Hachiko is a startup for dogs and their dog parents. The company created an innovative chip that attaches to the dog’s collar and communicates with an app, sending information and the location of the dog at all times. This useful apparatus is highly beneficial for dog owners, enabling them to maintain ongoing contact with their dog and follow their walks and whereabouts. Hachiko is essentially the dog and dog parents’ trustworthy friend.

Our Work

We provided an extensive design solution for Hachiko, including logo, identity, app design, packaging, collaterals, marketing and website design. Hachiko is a remarkable showcase for how branding is more than just making a nice looking logo; it is an essence and a comprehensive world.

Design Concept

As a B2C startup with the cutest clients ever, Hachiko’s aim was to reach young, urban and busy dog parents that were seeking a better connection with their beloved furry friends. The design language was inspired by the joy filled world of dogs, and integrated happy colors, cute animations and bold messaging. With such a striking and smile evoking visual identity, Hachiko surely left a unique footprint (or paw print…) in the hi-tech landscape.