Jonathan Wolf Public Relations (JWPR) is a new, Israel-based PR office serving local and international clients. JWPR was established and is led by Jonathan Wolf, a well known and respected public relations manager. After years of experience working with numerous high profile clients in a diverse range of categories, from technology to the arts world and everything in between, it was time to embark on a new path and open a new firm where his valuable experience and professional approach would serve as a base for success. JWPR already has a notable client base, including clients such as Fiverr, Wix, Elma Hotel, and more.


Branding, marketing collateral design


In an effort to encapsulate and express the nature of this young, energetic and spirited office, the identity we created for JWPR identity consists of a blend of complementary sources of inspiration: old and new, dynamic and surprising, serious blue with shocking pink. It’s a creative amalgamation of the traditional world of PR with a fresh, contemporary interpretation: Mad Men meets the modern age of digital communications. This conceptual approach is apparent in all design choices, including typography, color palette and imagery. The brand language represents a nod to traditional public relations, infused with the fresh spirit of this up-and-coming office.