Welcome to Marzuk 7, where you can step into a different time zone and embark on a guided journey towards a healthy wellness. Marzuk 7 is more than just a cannabis pharmacy; It’s a wellness boutique that provides personalized and friendly care in a Zen-like atmosphere. Marzuk 7’s warm and welcoming environment is dedicated to offering relief and ensuring that every customer feels taken care of. At Marzuk 7, everyone deserves a customized and empowering journey towards wellness, and their knowledgeable staff is committed to providing considerate service to guide you every step of the way. Come experience the trusted expertise and welcoming community of Marzuk 7.


As medical cannabis is shifting from being a drug consumed discreetly by terminally ill patients into a legitimate part of people’s daily routine, pharmacies specializing in medical cannabis need to find their niche clientele and their unique offering. Marzuk 7, a new pharmacy in the up and coming luxurious part of Jaffa came to us for help with communicating their commitment to the well-being of their clients. Their unique approach was to build a warm and welcoming space, where one can feel confident and taken care of with empathy by experts, while enjoying a unique, non judgmental experience. Our design for the brand expresses this warmth by using soft colors, a retro style typography and misty botanical drawings, without losing its cool.