OneDay is an inspiring organization that changes the way people volunteer, offering numerous opportunities for people to contribute their time and attention – whenever, however and wherever works best for them. Their vision is to make volunteering easy, fun and social, giving people a flexible way to give back while considering their individual lifestyle and preferences. OneDay’s activities are very diverse, flexible and enjoyable – virtually transforming the way volunteering is perceived and conducted. OneDay’s offer even includes volunteer days for companies and organizations, adding a corporate aspect that lets both business entities and their employees benefit from the gift of giving. OneDay makes volunteering simple, social and accessible to all – promoting the organization’s mission to connect good people to do good together.


Rebranding, logo design, collaterals, social marketing


Our goal for OneDay was to define a visual language that would represent their brand world, convey their diverse offering and make their cheerful, out-of-the box personality shine. Inspired by the brand’s open and fun nature, we created a vibrant visual language that stands out in the world of volunteering. The visual concept uses putty and plasticine inspired imagery to reflect the brand’s playful, flexible and friendly character, demonstrating the idea that everyone can share and work together. The logo features a smiling sun with “sundial” rays to indicate the selected time for volunteering. Lighthearted icons and a bright and optimistic color scheme appeal to younger audience, while sending an inclusive message: everyone is invited! We made sure to create a visual identity that suits individual volunteers, but also appeals to big companies and enterprises that are eager to introduce volunteering as part of the work experience.