Through a history of almost 150 years of existence, Petach Tikva has transformed from a small town into a leading and well connected metropolis in the heart of Israel. Today, it is a city boasting culture, commerce, industry, education, and transportation, ranking among the foremost in Israel. With the urban character evolving and facing forward, we have been called upon to reflect the new strategy of the city, under the slogan ‘From town to Metropolis,’ with a new logo that expresses the advancing urbanism without forgetting the glorious heritage from which it emerged.


The design goal was to tell the story of the new phase of Petah Tikva and convey a sense of advanced urbanism, with a friendly and clear logo that incorporates values of green thinking, leading metropolis, progress, and life-style. These values guided us in choosing fonts, colors, and graphic elements that make up the logo.


The city’s previous logo has for many years been a minimalistic symbol made of three circles. It was important for us to design a logo that is more relatable and understandable to a wide audience, without losing design values of typography and message. The full logo lockup works with the historical city emblem and accommodates the new slogan in both Hebrew and English.