Safari is Israel’s largest zoo and open safari and has been one of Israel’s top attractions for many years. This unique natural park offers visitors the chance to drive through its open spaces and enjoy a first-hand view of African animals in the wild, right in the heart of Tel Aviv. Safari has been open to visitors for more than 40 years, and was ready for a major revamp of all of its digital and print applications in order to re-establish it as a contemporary player in the category.


Our studio was chosen to design a new logo and visual identity for Safari, which included a wide array of applications, including a new website and all printed communications, such as signage, advertising campaigns, banners, visitor tickets, merchandising items for the Safari’s store, and more.


Zoos today play an important role in preserving wild life animals and educating people about issues of extinction and the environment in an entertaining way. Safari’s experiential approach invites you, the visitor, to be a guest in the animals’ own world and essentially become a part of their environment. Instead of viewing animals in cages, Safari offers you the exciting opportunity to be the animals’ guest in their natural surroundings, and to view them as they go about their lives – day and night. This unique approach served as the inspiration for our creative concept, which highlights the animals in their natural habitat, incorporating wild, primal shapes and a natural palette of colors.