Save-It helps the business world become more sustainable with a zero waste to landfill approach. It collaborates with large enterprises, government offices, and large-scale events. The brand focuses on reducing the immense amounts of waste that end up in landfills by offering end-of-life solutions to its clients.


Branding, Visual Identity, Logo Design


The major design challenge was to transform the dirty and unpleasant field of waste management into one that speaks the same language of contemporary, hi-tech look and feel that is native to the company’s clients, such as tech organizations, governments, and large events. We chose a positive, colorful, energetic, and clean visual language that conveys the speed and simplicity of using Save-It’s solutions. Closing the waste circle becomes a part of the daily routine for the company’s clients with zero effort.
The company also operates as a white-label solution, allowing its clients to utilize Save-It services as part of their organizational value proposition, strengthening the engagement of their employees to the implementation of the service and taking care of the environment.