the builders


The Builders is a platform that fosters partnership between Fortune 100 companies, helping them make money or save money using technology and startups through multiple vehicles, such as commercialization programs, R&D innovation programs, innovation academy and their own fund. With a legendary alumni of more than 50 startups, which completed more than 200 pilots, signed 52 license agreements, and 8 of which have been acquired by giants such as Walmart, Snap, Alibaba, Nielsen and others.


Our studio has been working on design and brand identity of The Builders and their different segments for many years. Our goal was to help The Builders create and develop a unique and flexible system that will be able to expand together with the program and its partners, just like building blocks. Our work included the creation of various printed materials, such as brochures and event collateral, as well as website design and spatial design for The Builders’ offices in Tel Aviv.


As The Builders include many different segments and channels, our goal was to create a visual language that works as one entity with multiple personalities. The brand can be playful and serious, flexible and confident. The Builders’ DNA is based on building blocks that allow this flexibility.