Yaacov Salomon Lipschütz





With legal foundations extending over 100 years back, Yaacov Salomon Lipschütz is one of the oldest law firms in Israel. As such, our rebranding work for them was a real honor and a very welcomed challenge. The brand strategy process we conducted for them led us to choose brand values that represent a combination of classic and contemporary, heritage and a future-forward approach.

The brand identity expresses these combined values using a visual language that depicts a meeting point between foundations and flourishing; it reflects a junction where the brand meets its clients, offering them professional and innovative services with a warm and welcoming approach.

The new logotype we designed conveys the respect for the firm’s heritage along with a vision towards the future. Its Bauhaus-inspired typography style reflects the brand’s essence and fresh new strategy, while remaining in tune with the original logo’s simplicity and classic style.